Encontros extraconjugais e sexo sem compromisso em Teresina/PI

Mãe solteira procura em 36732

Antes do parto fizeram muitas perguntas quantos filhos tinha Postado em 23 de fev. Postado em 15 de out. Postado em 6 de jun. Postado em 6 de abr. Postado em 19 de mar. Postado em 5 de mai. Postado em 14 de jul.

Qualitative research was conducted in order to assess emotional, social, family, sexual and workplace experiences from the standpoint of women who seek Family Healthcare services in Teresina. Semi-structured interviews and non-systematic observation carried out in the Municipal Health Unit itself were used to collect the data. The information gathered revealed psychic suffering that is intrinsic to everyday experiences, family relationships and situations involving betrayal, separation, unemployment, violence and sexual experiences. The importance of integrating mental healthcare and basic healthcare was identified, requiring in-depth dialogue, bringing together staff, family and communities that will undoubtedly benefit from this to tackle day-to-day problems permeated by violence, abuse, maltreatment and negligence. The proposal put forward is to train healthcare professionals and implement an interface between Family Healthcare and psychosocial treatment permitting integrated action geared to the particular as a whole. A experiência de sofrimento psíquico é inerente ao ser humano; é difícil de expressar, fazer e comunicar ao outro; é simbolizada, significada e ressignificada nas relações interpessoais, alterada, possivelmente, conforme o avanço da idade, experiências de vida, convívio familiar e social.

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